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Let's Unlock the Power of Real-World Data

Healthonauts' mission is to improve the lives of patients and advance medical practice.

We firmly believe international acknowledged data and interoperability standards are crucial factors in accelerating the digital transformation in the healthcare industry. These standards will maximise the data fluidity and accessibility in your healthcare organisation.

Partner with us to benefit from our technical expertise as well as our extensive experience in the field.

Why Work With Healthonauts

We Believe in Open Digital Health

Healthonauts offers full consulting services for digital transformation projects in the healthcare industry.  
e are experts in healthcare interoperability and enable data integration, data fluidity and data accessibility throughout your digital health ecosystem. We partner with you, from strategy and planning to detailed design and implementation.

Meet our Barometer

To set your implementation of new standards and technology up for success, it is vital to start with a clear view on your current situation and maturity level. Your next step is to define a roadmap detailing the objectives and milestones you want to achieve.

Use our model to quickly assess the level your organisation is currently at. Discover the journey we can take together to make your organisation fully compliant with international acknowledged data and integration standards to enable data fluidity and accessibility in your healthcare organisation.



Discover & assess

We help you determine where and how data fluidity and accessibility can improve your business to unlock the power of digital health.

Knowlegde & ability

We help you develop the knowledge and skills your organisation requires to put your data objectives into action. 

Roadmap & architecture

We assist you in developing your roadmap and empower you to design an appropriate architecture and solve technical challenges.

System & integration

We support you in implementing the technical components of your hospital data space or digital health platform architecture.

Data modelling

We help you realise your digital health implementations. We turn your requirements into internationally acknowledge data models. 

Application development

We assist you as you navigate the complexities of building digital health applications and we ensure your investments are fully compliant.

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