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Next-gen technology is here to transform digital health. Working with open data standards, vendor-neutral data repositories and a 'citizen development' approach, we help you build personalised digital experiences for patients as well as care providers.

Our Healthonauts bring expertise and know-how from other leading European regions to your healthcare organisation to revolutionise the way digital health is organised and delivered.


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Why Work With Healthonauts

We Believe in Open Digital Health

Discover here the key components of our "Hospital Data Space"-approach.

an Integrated Data Fabric Layer

Your digital health data fabric layer is a vendor-neutral solution to gather, store, exchange and translate your data. It unlocks healthcare data for patients as well as healthcare providers, making it available when, where and in the form they need it.

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Modern medical practice and personalised digital experiences for patients and healthcare providers require systems that interact fluently

Built on internationally recognised and healthcare-specific data models and standards, such as FHIR® and OpenEHR, your internal health data space will standardise Real-World Data so that it can be shared and interpreted cross-system and serves as a source of reliable analysis in healthcare practice.

Besides data harmonisation, data accessibility is the next big thing in digital health. The volume of generated data, as well as its consumption, is growing at lightning speed. 

Designed according to international specifications (based on FHIR® and/or OpenEHR specs), your data fabric ensures your data is open and accessible. It lays the foundation for an effective ecosystem where patient data can be shared and consumed across systems.

No ecosystem can be without the ability to connect to the outside world. The idea of having the entire digital health array in your ecosystem is a pipe dream. Connectivity is crucial.

Using international integration standards such as FHIR®, IHE, HL7® and others, health data connectors enable you to extract, translate and store data across the data fabric layer. They enable you to compile and analyse the data you need and to integrate with other digital health solutions.

Are there topics more discussed in modern IT than system security and privacy? Neither are there in digital health. There are probably no more sensitive data than personal patient data. 

Your digital health platform comes with the highest level of privacy and security to meet all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as industry standards. The access control system offers finely-grained settings, allowing specific access levels for different users, as a part of your architecture.


an Open Composition Layer

Your health composition layer is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to technology. Whether you believe in custom development or are ready to make the shift to a low code approach, your composition layer should facilitate agility and 'citizen development'.   

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The way in which digital health is delivered, should be driven by medical practice and user experience, not by IT. It takes engineers to build solutions, but it takes patients and healthcare providers to use them.

An effective digital health platform integrates FHIR and/or OpenEHR driven modelling tools to enhance agile principles, such as co-creation and rapid development. Modelling tools bring healthcare providers and IT together to build the digital health solutions of the future. 

Becoming vendor neutral should not be just a data-level endeavour. When healthcare providers want to accelerate their digital transformation and ask for new features and change, depending on a supplier can be a major disadvantage.

Your digital health platform will make you a true 'citizen developer', taking care of its own digital health solutions and processes. Working with low code technology and/or built-in UX/UI components, you are enabled to meet all functional and technical requirements.


“The future of the health system lies in the availability of data across providers and applications. The optimal platform will separate the data from the applications and thus be provider-neutral and modular.”


Ernst & Young, Health Report 2020

Let's Make It Visual

An Approach That Enables Innovation

An internal health data space or digital health platform is an architectural approach that supports our mission to unlock the power of Real World Data by investing in patient engagement, transmural care team collaboration and technology or innovation driven processes to meet clinical and business transformation needs.




What's In It For You

Benefits for the Healthcare Provider of the Future

Patient Satisfaction

Engaged patients due to a patient-centric approach. Increased healthcare accessibility due to a central hospital ecosystem.

Healthcare Productivity

Satisfied and more productive healthcare providers due to a human-centric project approach, empowering them in their decisions. 

Efficiency Wins

Cost efficiency by reducing solutions, maintenance and interfaces. Increased flexibility in vendor and technology independency.

Accessible Data

Unlock the power of Real World Data due to open data standards, vendor-neutral storage, interoperability, and highly structured data.

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