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Human-Centered approach for Healthcare Interoperability

If you lack the internal resources or expertise needed to excel in interoperability and manage data integration, data accessibility and data fluidity, Healthonauts can fill the gap for you.

Operating as a part of your team, our experts can be deployed when you need them, how you need them, and for as long as you need them to align with organisational objectives and maximise value.


Why Work With Healthonauts

Experts in Digital Health

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Define clear strategies and actionable plans to propel your digital health projects and interoperability forward.

We offer comprehensive consulting services focusing on navigating the interoperability jungle. Together we understand standards and technology and map out your future. 

Our team collaborates closely with your organisation to analyse current maturity and capabilities, identify growth opportunities, and develop a robust roadmap for your healthcare interoperability transformation.

Design and implement cutting-edge healthcare interoperability architectures with our specialised guidance.

We provide expert architectural assessments to evaluate the maturity and effectiveness of your current systems. Our services include designing scalable, cloud-native solutions that enhance data interoperability and streamline workflows.

Our approach ensures a cohesive and efficient architecture, aligning with standards such as HL7, FHIR, and OpenEHR to support your objectives.

Acquire the best-in-class technical competencies to enhance your professional skills and strengthen your business.

We offer a vast program of courses focusing on the latest strategies, techniques, and technologies relevant to healthcare interoperability and platform driven solutions.

Our training approach allows professionals to accelerate their learning. Meanwhile, our specialists work alongside your teams, ensuring effective knowledge transfer and skill consolidation.

Seamlessly integrate diverse digital health systems and platforms with our expert engineering services.

Our services are designed to ensure interoperability across various digital health systems. We focus on creating robust, RESTful APIs and implementing open data platforms that facilitate smooth data exchange.

Our team collaborates with your IT staff to develop and deploy integration strategies that enhance the overall efficiency and functionality of your digital health ecosystem.

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