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a Human-Centered approach for digital Transformations in Healthcare

If you lack the internal resources or expertise needed to maximise the return on investment of digital health projects in your organisation, Healthonauts can fill the gap for you.

Operating as a part of your team, our experts can be deployed when you need them, how you need them, and for as long as you need them to align with organisational objectives and maximise value.


Why Work With Healthonauts

Our Expertise

At Healthonauts, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients across various sectors within the healthcare industry. Our expertise covers a wide range of fields, each presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities. We invite you to explore our value proposition tailored to the specific segments of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Providers

We streamline processes, optimise applications,  improve interoperability and enhance patient care. Our support leads to improved patient outcomes, increased efficiency, and better experiences for patients and providers.

Pharmaceuticals & Life sciences

We help pharmaceuticals and life sciences navigate the complexities of digital health and patient engagement. Our insights drive innovation, real world data solutions, and ensure compliance with regulations.


We empower laboratories to harness the power of data and technology for accurate diagnostics and research. Our guidance ensures that labs stay at the forefront of technological and scientific advancements. 

Government Agencies

We partner with government agencies to shape digital health transformations and implement new technologies and standards. Our collaboration leads to better health data accessibility and fluidity in the public field. 

Health Insurers

We support insurers and payers in embracing innovation, improving cost-efficiency, and enhancing member experiences. Our strategies promote sustainable healthcare systems while prioritizing quality care.


In the ever-evolving field of medical technology, Healthonauts assists companies in designing, developing, and launching cutting-edge devices and solutions. We bridge the gap between innovation and market success.

Our Clients

Happy to work for

Healthonauts services a wide range of healthcare enterprises, from hospitals to the pharmaceutical industry. When you need to implement digital healthcare technology and solutions for patients and organisations, we are ready to accept the challenge!

“Healthonauts provided tailored support. This was a clear added value to our project"
Sam Lowie

IT Manager - Vitaz

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